Merit Waterproof Case

Merit is a company that I have never heard of, but after being contacted by them, I see that they have made a few waterproof cases that could match up great against the famed LifeProof case. The case looks very similar to the named brand that many people pay a premium for. Click on through to read my thoughts on this Waterproof case stacks up overall.

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Nomad Products

Nomad has recently come out with many new products! The NomadKey is small cord that resembles and fits with your keys. The NomadClip is another cord alternative but also provides the accessibility of a carabiner. Finally, the NomadPlus provides your iPhone charger with a little more power. Click the link below to check out the full review!

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A new website, new reviews

Just wanted to update with everything that has changed. The old website recently crashed and I lost all of the posts that I did not save, I salvaged what I could and have not looked back.

With this being said, DAmacreviews is back up and running and ready to let everyone know the best and worst of every product that is reviewed. 

Thank you for your understand and patience in this revision period