Coin Electronic Transaction Card

You have credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and more. We all do. Coin has recently tried their best to fit all of your cards into one. A great idea and one that I think they implemented well. If you want more information on consolidating your cards into one Coin Card, click on through and I will let you know my experience with it.

I pre-ordered the Coin a few years back just after it had been ‘kickstarted’. I saw it as a potential lifesaver to carrying around many cards and dealing with a fat wallet. I used Coin 1.0 for probably about 6 months before I realized that this product was not for me. That does not necessarily mean it is not for you. But for me, I found that I only use two to three main transaction cards anyway. Relying on a Bluetooth connection and clicking through made it a little more action and second thoughts than I was used to.

Occasionally, the card would not be connected and not go through. It was like a small gamble each time I would use it. Explaining to the cashier ‘it usually works’ and resolving to using the physical card was always a possibility. That does not take into consideration the times when I would not say anything and the cashier would say ‘whoa! What is this thing?!’. Basking in technology glory I would put my Coin up and explain the future of transaction card history.

That was a little over a year ago now. I uploaded the same cards onto the iOS Wallet App and started using Apple Pay much more. Two taps of the home button and my card could be used. With the Apple Watch, I don’t even need my phone out! My Coin ended up staying in my wallet and soon after was left at home. Now Apple Pay was not (and is not) available everywhere, but where it was I still found it easier to use with the same amount of satisfaction. Using my physical cards every once and a while was not a big deal to me, I had to carry them in the past anyway.

That’s my experience with the Coin card. Time past and the Coin 2.0 was released. They shipped it out to original owners free of charge. I sold my Coin 2.0 without even using it. The company really took care of its customers and their product is popular right now as they have recently sold out. As for me, I was fine living my life with 3 cards in my wallet.