Merit Waterproof Case

Merit is a company that I have never heard of, but after being contacted by them, I see that they have made a few waterproof cases that could match up great against the famed LifeProof case. The case looks very similar to the named brand that many people pay a premium for. Click on through to read my thoughts on this Waterproof case stacks up overall.

First off, my case passed the "waterproof" test with flying colors. I provide a picture of the case underwater (it was for 30+ minutes) and my paper towel stayed completely dry. That was nice to see. Now, for me, this is not an everyday case. I see this as a case you use when going on your weekend camping/backpacking trip or something of that nature. With that being said though, it is a great case for that scenario. Waterproof worked great, all ports are sealed, and it would protect from nearly any drop.

The ports and buttons work great overall. I read a few reviews talking about the volume on/off switch not working, but I only found it difficult to switch. It worked fine for me. The camera and flash has a great opening to not interfere with any of your photos. The ports on the bottom also work just as expected. Very tight fit (as expected) to seal your phone from water coming in. I expected the sensitivity of the screen be diminished and I was right. It was great to not have any bubbles on the screen caused by the built in screen protector, so that is a big plus to me. The TouchID did not change at all for me though. Also, the overall volume will be muffled slightly due to the seal. These are unavoidable issues you trade off for flawless protection. Phone calls sounded clear with no issues overall. Taking the case on and off is a breeze too. I used a penny on the corner and just twisted it to pop open the case. Understand that taking this case on and off a lot will weaken the seal slightly. 

I truly think this is a great case for its purpose. I would not use it everyday, but will be using it when I go on trips and don't want to risk my phone getting soaked in rain or dropped in mud. To me, $20 for this case is a steal. Why pay $80-$100 for a Lifeproof Fre case when this is the same exact case for less. I would take this case many times over the Lifeproof Fre case simply because of the price.